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In a mobile world, consumers always expect faster, smaller and all-in-one electronic products that pack a lot of functionality into small spaces at ever-lower costs. We understand this and have invested tens of millions of dollars to deliver unrivaled benefits and enable greater scale and flexibility for customers like you. Moreover, your business depends on offering these high-quality solutions for rapidly growing end markets like smartphones and tablets, both of which require highly advanced technology with cost-efficient production. By partnering with Multek, your products will succeed, through our flexible solutions, Rigid-fiex, HDI (High Density Interconnect), 2n2, and ELIC (Every Layer Interconnect) solutions.

You can leverage our innovative rigid-flex PCBs, base/optical materials, printed electronics, and prototyping to full-scale manufacturing capabilities. Moreover, you will have access to Multek’s expertise in printed circuit board (PCB) processes – including thermal management, signal integrity, and Flexible PCB Assembly – to improve time-to-market, lower product costs, and provide product differentiation. Together, we collaborate to quickly launch products that feature next-generation technology and meet your strict requirements around process control, traceability, and quality.