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Multek intimately understands the needs of the Telecommunications sector. Telecommunications, networking, and data communications equipment makers are constantly under pressure to constantly innovate, lower costs, and improve speed-to-market. Multek helps you achieve these goals through low-cost, high-volume manufacturing capabilities that can support even the most complex 4G, 5G, optical, thermal management, exotic high-speed materials, and signal integrity requirements.

Whether you’re an entrepreneurial disruptor or traditional telecommunications infrastructure manufacturer, you can leverage our deep experience to enable innovative products with enhanced capabilities and next-generation technology. By accessing our engineering expertise and options for vertical integration, you will see better and faster results than peers. Every day, we help companies like yours capitalize on the latest trends like the Intelligence of Things, by improving the electronics and circuitry inside critical network infrastructure -- from access points and gateways, all the way up to base station equipment.

Together, we collaborate to quickly launch your products that feature next-generation technology -- like very high layer-count, sophisticated microvias, hybrid constructions, sequential laminate, etc. -- and meet your strict requirements around process control, traceability, and quality.