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Wearables are an exciting new market poised for tremendous growth. Bring your new product concepts to life with Multek’s expertise in flexible and rigid-flex, as well as our end-to-end printed circuit solutions. Enter the Wearables space confidently, with printed electronics that are stretchable, able to withstand bending and twisting, as well as capable of tolerating environmental variances such as moisture.

You can realize your full potential in wearables with Multek’s design solutions for reliable and integrated end-products, in the shortest time to market. You will have access to our portfolio of IP designs that solve common wearables challenges and support innovative product solutions, plus value-added services like assembly. You may also leverage next-generation technologies and processes to ensure that strict requirements around process control, product traceability, and quality are easily satisfied.

With technology constantly evolving, you need best-of-breed solutions for trends like advanced material development, embedded components, high-density interconnect, thermal management, and flexible and rigid-flex product development. Successful wearable products – be it intelligent helmets, glasses, fabrics, or tattoos -- unlock new lifestyles. But it all begins with great design at the printed circuit level, which only a partner like Multek can provide.