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For more than a decade, Multek has continuously innovated next-generation microvia technologies. The conventional laser via technology a decade ago had reached a lower limit in the feasible area consumed by conductor vertical routing and layer to layer alignment. The Every Layer Interconnect (ELIC) process flow was developed in Multek R&D Labs and in 2006 pilot scale production begun. The original concept relied on sequential layer lamination atop a first double sided fine line HDI core. Innovations in laser via formation, copper plating chemistries, process tools, direct imaging of resists and solder mask materials, and layer registration techniques have been continually refined and improved to build a state-of-the-art mass production facility in our Zhuhai, China campus.

Today, Multek boasts the Technology Roadmap for up to 18+ layer, vertically-stacked and copper-filled microvias. Combined with later innovations in 0.3mm fine pitch SMT, edge plating, and 3D structuring, this facilitates cavity subsurface mounting of fine-pitch area array packages. These integrated processes are critical to the thin, high-density assembly substrates required in cell phone, modules, and Rigid-Flex circuit designs.

Multek is ready to provide you with end-to-end engineering and production services to bring your next-generation product PCB requirement seamlessly from NPI to mass production in world class cycle times.