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High Density Interconnect
High Density Interconnects (HDI) process technology has continually evolved into PCB designs since their initial introduction in semiconductor package modules in the late 1980’s. Today, controlled depth laser drilling of vias in laminates combined with a variety of copper plating processes has become the dominant method of HDI fabrication. Multek’s extensive laminate materials qualification methodology assures that reliability of microvias and complex laminate structures is thermally robust to multiple SMT reflow and component repair cycles. Our Materials and HDI development roadmaps are focused on continuous feature reduction for microvias, including blind and buried via design, which is essential for the majority of today’s low cost designs.

Multek has been a leader in HDI interconnect innovation and mass production for over fifteen years. All of our factories have mass production capacity for microvia-based HDI processing, combined with fine line copper trace formation by semi-additive or subtractive copper plating. Complementing a variety of multilayer fabrication process flows is an extensive capability for final surface finishes that support lead-free attachment of SMT components.