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Multi-Layer Rigid PCB
Complex multi-layer PCB processing leadership has been a core Multek competency for over fifteen years. We invest continuously in innovation, capital equipment, and engineering expertise to enhance our technology capacity and capability, from early prototypes and New Product Introduction (NPI) to mass production scale. We do all this within the same qualified manufacturing operations, guaranteeing scalability with optimized cycle times -- from order to delivery -- in the volumes your business requires.

Our rigid PCB mass production capabilities include: stacked, blind and buried microvia technologies applied in High Density Interconnect (HDI), and high layer count, using high-speed/low-loss capability materials for increasing product and sub-system requirements that span across all major consumer, telecom, commercial, and industrial market segments.

We are experts at integrating a matrix of board features such as improved heat transfer solutions, RF hybrids embedding, cavity structures for 3D assembly, signal integrity optimization, and backdrill elimination to create optimum circuit solutions. With the industry’s broadest production-qualified offerings of laminate types, we can offer the most cost-effective stack-up options.