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Printed Electronics
Multek has the capability to process prototype through high-volume circuitry using roll-to-roll additive processes. For the right applications, electronic devices produced using additive processes can be a reliable and low cost alternative.

Multek has many years of experience with additive roll-to-roll screen printing of various types of inks including: silver, carbon, ITO, PEDOT (Poly 3, 4 ethylenedioxythiophene) and micro-printed silver. We have the capability of adding and registering multiple layers of inks for conductors, shields, grounds and protective overcoats.

We are providing production quantities of printed electronic circuits for applications in the following markets: automotive, medical, consumer, energy and industrial. Examples of some the applications supported are: transdermal patches, heated goggles, touch controls on white goods and printers, automotive HVAC control smart windows, and solar panels.

Multek offers a number of technological choices to match the many challenging requirements of each application:

  • Patterned ITO
  • Micro-Printed Silvers
  • Polymer Thick Film

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