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Q-Prime Interconnects
Introducing a flexible circuit designed specifically for thermal control applications requiring heat dissipation. This copper-aluminum composite is used to generate a unique, flexible interconnect solution for high current applications such as LED lighting. This product is designed with heat conductive adhesive and enables attached components to run at a cooler temperature compared to traditional flex constructions..


  • Aluminum on the entire back side spreads out heat faster, results in lower component operating
  • Polymer layer covering aluminum provides protection during processing and emits heat better than
        bare aluminum
  • The structure is flexible enough for processing, yet sufficiently rigid to hold shape when bent
  • Compatible with cover films or printed coverings
  • Aluminum is thinner – significantly reduced weight
  • No more PSA or plate assembly
  • Reduced Tooling Cost (No PSA tool - No Aluminum punching tool)
  • Improved dimensional stability increases component assembly yields

  • Click here to download Q-Prime Data Sheet

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