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Signal Integrity
With today’s accelerating demand for higher system throughputs and cloud computing latency reduction, customers are increasingly designing in lower loss laminate materials with tighter design specifications and tolerances for impedance control; impacting laminate dielectric and copper trace controls in mass production. Traditionally, approaches to improve performance at the printed circuit have required use of expensive materials or specialized components.

Multek is approaching this problem in a holistic way. We have created a signal integrity (SI) database, fully characterized for all our new and production-approved materials. Our simulation and engineering analysis software tools allow us to quickly recommend the optimized solution tradeoffs to the customer to achieve design goals. Our global ITC and engineering labs are fully equipped with state-of-the-practice instrumentation to validate the best options during the NPI stage. Our EM simulation tools also support full 3-dimensional analysis for critical design features and customer concerns early in the development cycle.

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